2016 Ho Ho Express

Students at Annex Charter School received an early Christmas surprise. On December 20th Annex students were provided a special police escort from Annex School to Bi-Mart in Weiser, Idaho. When they arrived they were greeted by Santa himself, along with many local community volunteers waiting to help students pick out items they wanted for Christmas.

Each student was given up to $50.00 to spend anyway they wanted. Students bought a variety of items such as tablets, dolls, toy cars and even blankets. Students had a wonderful time and were very appreciative of everyone involved in making this event possible.

Mr. Joe Malay heads up fundraising to make the Ho Ho Express possible every year! Mr. Malay has been granting Christmas wishes for over 25 years with the help and support of many local businesses and community volunteers.  It's people like Mr. Malay that make this community such a wonderful place to live!

From Annex students and staff, thank you, thank you, thank you to Mr. Malay and everyone involved!

  Image: Students at Ho Ho Express